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Well Baby Care

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Few things are more exciting than welcoming a new baby into the family. But caring for an infant can be stressful. At Chesterfield Pediatrics in Midlothian, Virginia, their team of pediatric specialists provides comprehensive well-baby care to ensure that your little one is thriving. Booking these essential visits is as simple as a phone call or a few moments online, so don’t delay.

Well Baby Care Q&A

What is well-baby care?

“Well-baby care” is the term used to refer to those first pediatric visits after you bring your new baby home. Infants undergo a vast array of developmental changes during their first year and a half. Well-baby care ensures your little one remains healthy and thriving.

Your initial visit might take place before you even leave the hospital. From that point forward, well-baby visits occur on the following schedule:

  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 4 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 1 year
  • 1¼ years
  • 1½ years
  • 2 years

Once your child is a toddler, annual well-child visits are usually all it takes to get the preventive health care they need.

Why is well-baby care so critical?

Well-baby visits allow your child’s pediatrician to assess their overall health and development. Because your baby is growing and changing so much during the first two years of life, tracking those changes is the best way to ensure everything is moving forward as it should.

The pediatrician compares the health information collected during your baby’s visits with the statistical averages of many other babies of the same age and sex. This allows the pediatrician to easily detect developmental delays and determine if there’s a need for additional screening.

The information compiled during these visits goes into your baby’s permanent medical record. This living document becomes an invaluable resource over time, helping your child’s health care team identify troublesome changes.

What happens during well-baby care visits?

Your child’s pediatrician begins by assessing vital signs like temperature, reflexes, health, and lung function. Your baby’s length and weight are recorded during each visit.

Next, there’s time built in for you to ask the questions you have or express concerns about any aspect of your child’s health and wellness. The pediatrician also helps ensure you have the support you need during this essential first year of your child’s life.

Vaccines are often part of the process; babies require many vaccines during their first few years. If you have questions about immunizations or why shots are given at specific times, your pediatrician is happy to discuss the science behind childhood vaccines.

When you’re ready to schedule well-baby exams, call Chesterfield Pediatrics to set up a visit. Online booking is available, allowing you to schedule an appointment any time of day or night.